FTP Jacket


The hardest season for clothing and comfort is winter. It’s enough to make you want to stay indoors the entire season when the temperatures drop to icy lows and the blustery northern winds scream through the night. When you walk through snowdrifts and down icy sidewalks, a winter coat should provide a warm haven while still conveying your sense of style. We have the best advice for picking a winter jacket that may assist you in selecting the ideal outer layer when it comes time for you to invest in a new winter wardrobe.


Always put safety first while looking for a warm winter jacket, or if at all possible, try to find a garment that fits both needs. On their product pages, brands often list the temperature ranges in which their coats perform at their best. However, your greatest source is frequently word of mouth and in-depth reviews. Make careful to look inside the FTP Jacket to see what fabrics fill the interior and pockets. You will be more shielded from the elements by a coat lined with soft fleece than by an unlined coat.

Select a water-resistant jacket.

You will be protected from rain, sleet, and snow with a jacket that stops water from penetrating. A jacket should always be tested for waterproofness before buying. Never undervalue the risks associated with water in the winter. Even though waterproof clothing may not look as warm as non-waterproof options, it will keep you safe during inclement weather. The severity of the winter cold is only made worse by wet clothing. All types of weather, not only the dry winter days, should be able to withstand a winter jacket.


Choose a winter jacket that you will like to wear. This is one of the best pieces of advice. Since name brands may combine the essential functionality needed for a winter coat with a sophisticated sense of style like Revenge Rhinestone Hoodie, they are a preferred choice for winter coats. Choose a stylish, dependable jacket that will keep you warm and cosy. Long winter parkas from the Canada Goose clothing line from Escape Outdoors are renowned for their weatherproofing and fashionable styling. Choose a jacket that will go well with your winter accessories for more fashion flair.


Even while it could be tempting, you might not stay the warmest wearing a tight, form-fitting jacket. You can increase your warmth and protection from the wind and snow by layering up underneath your winter coat. You also have options if the weather starts to warm up if you wear layers underneath your thick winter coat.

You can rely on our vast selections of cold-weather gear from Escape Outdoors for any layer of your winter wardrobe. For your outdoor hobbies and daring sense of fashion, we carry every brand!

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