Fashion Guide: How To Wear A Stylish T-Shirt

There are many simple ways to achieve an effortless street style with t-shirt. Follow our tips and get inspired to look good.

Feminine looks with jeans and a t-shirt

The basis of these looks will be jeans and a t-shirt and all possible with comme des garcons play store.

  • Combine flat form sneakers with a sheepskin coat. Some sunglasses, a good wallet and that’s it.
  • Achieve a classic look with straight-cut or boyfriend jeans and a white tucked-in t-shirt. Add some stylish heels and voila.
  • Add a blazer, for a hotter look wear a blazer in the same color as the shirt, preferably white. And sandals with a platform or with a low heel. Ideal for spring.
  • Wear them in layers with a military jacket and to look more feminine wear stilettos. She prefers skinny jeans for this look.
  • Pair your distressed jeans with an oversized T-shirt and mid-calf heeled boots.

Combinations with a graphic t-shirt

  • Models, celebrities and influencers are wearing quote t-shirts, wearing them with skirts, pants and more. Some options are with a skirt and stilletos. Another is to wear boyfriend jeans with trendy heels.
  • To look a little more formal wears a shirt with a workshop suit. He prefers a brightly colored suit and a white T-shirt. Another way to look more formal is to wear a pencil or pencil skirt with your tie-front T-shirt and stiletto heels.
  • An ideal look for a night out is the T-shirt with a leather skirt and strappy pointed heels.
  • For fall you can wear white jeans, a black t-shirt and a coat. You could also juxtapose a feminine suit of shorts with a jacket, with a white T-shirt and heels, ideal for an after-office cocktail party.

Other options for women

  • T-shirt, ripped jeans, comme des garcons play hoodie, black spike heels, plaid blazer. Complete with a clutch bag and dainty jewelry.
  • Graphic tee with denim jacket, flared skirt, knee socks and heels. An ideal look for spring.
  • Wear a pink t-shirt with black jeans, leather jacket and fedora. Complete with ankle boots and a leather bag.
  • For summer, you can be comfortable with a T-shirt, a leather mini skirt and flat sandals. Complete with sunglasses.
  • If you’re hunting for a rock look, combine a black graphic t shirt with leather pants. You will show the feminine side with some black stilletos.
  • For a date you can wear white jeans, t-shirt and leather jacket. Stand out with accessories and a handbag.
  • This combination is infallible: skinny jeans over the ankle, t-shirt, leather jacket and heels.
  • T-shirt, plaid shirt, jeans, and Converse shoes or Vans sneakers.
  • For cold days, jeans, a t-shirt, ankle boots and an oversized cardigan.
  • A skirt below the knee, a t-shirt, blazer and handbag are the ideal look for a walk on a Saturday afternoon.
  • For a business casual look choose a white t-shirt, complement it with a structured blazer. She adds some jeans to the waist, some moccasins and ready.

5 modern styles for men

  • The linen t-shirt: These t-shirts are ideal for the hotter months; they are light, breathable and dry quickly. The ideal is to use them in neutral and discreet tones, which is why you prefer white or beige. They go well with blue, gray or khaki blazers. As well as with jeans or chinos, even with shorts.
  • Colored t-shirts – You can pair colored t-shirts with a bomber jacket or blazer for a dressier look. With this you will achieve a balance between a classic and contemporary look. They also go well with a denim jacket. The important thing is to combine it with pants that contrast or combine.
  • Long t-shirt: You have noticed how in recent year’s oversized skater-type t-shirts are being used more and more. You should look for one with the perfect proportion that does not look too long. For a better effect, combine them with tube jeans, thus capitalizing on the elongated silhouette they create. For cold days layer it with a bomber or light jacket.
  • T-shirt with print: This type of piece can be a headache to integrate into your wardrobe, but with these tips you will look great. Combine them with denim shorts, or with long jeans. You can also wear a blazer. These days you can use them with floral, geometric, micro pints, stripes, among others.
  • T-shirts with logo: It is important to choose the t-shirt well, prefer those that only have the brand name. Vans logo t-shirts look great. You can combine them with almost any pants and jacket.

Shirt and t-shirt combinations for men

Layering shirts and t-shirts is a timeless style for men. It is ideal for spring and autumn, because they are times that are not so cold or so hot. So, if it’s too hot, you can take off your shirt.

It is not very difficult to get the right combination, but many men fail to look good. There are many factors to take into account.

The basic combination is to wear a first layer shirt and over it a button down shirt. Make sure the latter is completely open, so you can see the shirt underneath.

There are many ways to achieve this combination; it all depends on the color and texture of the pieces. But there are certain things you should keep in mind. The first thing is to think about the size, as in any garment, size is very important. If your clothes don’t fit you, you won’t look good, even if you have a very nice or expensive shirt.

Make sure the shirt is loose enough so that you can wear the shirt underneath.

Non-classic denim t-shirts for a smart casual style. They help you look better, neither too casual nor too formal. They go very well with striped shirts. Also with joggers or black jeans.

A blue plaid shirt goes great with a light blue t-shirt. Dark jeans and Vans sneakers complete a great look.