Personal Style

5 Tips To Improve Your Personal Style

Many men think that style is solely based on what they wear, and they couldn’t be more wrong. Personal style goes far beyond fashion, and in today’s article we are going to give you 5 tips that will help you improve it so that you achieve everything you set out to do.

1. Do a closet cleanout

The first piece of advice is to thoroughly clean all the clothes you have in your closet. Surely you will find clothes that you did not even know were still hidden there.

Take a look at everything you have in your closet and apply the following rule: If you haven’t worn it even once in the last year, take it out of your closet.

If that particular item of clothing (or all clothing that meets this standard) has been in there all that time and you haven’t worn it for this period of time, chances are you’ll never wear it again, so It is best to get rid of it.

This has great benefits, such as saving space in your wardrobe, leaving room for other things or future models that you buy more modern and that you are going to wear from now on. The key is to simplify and focus on what really adds value to you.

If that clothing such as prom suits you’re going to throw away can still be reused (even if it’s not the latest fashion), consider donating it to people in need.

2. Take inventory of all your clothes

After removing all the garments that you have concluded that you are not going to wear anymore, it is time to analyze and identify the garments that have passed the cut to remain in your closet.

It is not that you take a paper and pencil and make a strict list, but that you establish priorities as to what you need to acquire and what not. This will help you make your future purchases.

In addition, at this point you should also consider what objectives or goals you want to achieve in the future. It is not the same that you need clothes for your next vacation than for a future job that requires you to be well dressed every day.

It is recommended to do these steps at least once a year, both to thoroughly clean your closet, and to take an inventory of everything you have and what you need to buy.

3. Stay informed and updated

It is very easy to arrive at a large supermarket and start looking at everything they have for you because they have decided that this is the fashion that touches, and in the end you do not even know what you have bought, where it comes from, how it has been manufactured or even how long will it last you

That is why more and more men choose to go to specialized stores for men suits. This is because they take much more care of the details of design and quality of the garments and help you with specialized advice on men’s fashion.

You don’t need to read a bunch of books about men’s fashion; we simply encourage you to be curious about how things work and how they are made. This will make it easier for you to choose the clothes that really fit your personal style, and it will also help you to be a more interesting man.

4. Perform design tests

Unless you are an expert in fashion or you are very clear about your personal style, it is a bit difficult to find outfits for you at first. As with disciplines such as sports or music, practice makes perfect. Well, something similar happens in the case of fashion.

When you are defining your personal style, you will surely need to try on different combinations of garments in front of the mirror until you hit the key. Once you find the ideal style for you, it will be much easier for you to find and combine other similar outfits that fit what you are looking for.

This will also help you know what combinations and types of clothing work best with your personal style. Remember that the more you try on, the easier it will be over time to find the perfect outfits for you.

5. Take care of your body

There is a direct relationship between the way you take care of your body and your mood. Although, as we said before, the clothes you wear are not everything, the way in which you take care of yourself personally is a very important factor that will notably influence the way others see you.

An elegant outfit can make you feel good, but if you combine that point with proper personal care, you will feel much better inside and out.

To take care of yourself, there is nothing better than exercising regularly, eating a healthy diet every day and taking care of your personal hygiene. The key here is to get into a positive action routine that encompasses all of these aspects.

If you manage to improve and follow these three healthy points every day for a period of time, you will create a healthy routine that will tell your body that you are on the right track. And this is very good because if one day you lack any of this, you will immediately notice it since your body will miss it.